New Website!

New Website!

It was hard and demanding work, but we are finally online with the new site! In this post we want to introduce you to the news, the renewed structure, and, finally, the possibility to buy OTTO from our e-commerce!

The first big news is the BLOG!

We will use this space as a container for OTTO news, updates on its developments, and to share articles about the world of board games with you.

Arcastudio: here we are!

On this page we want to tell us, we will tell you who we are, what we do, and we will give you the opportunity to contact us, our job is also and above all to give shape to ideas, we can’t wait to hear from you!

The History of OTTO

What we call “history” was actually an incredible Odyssey, full of twists, unexpected events and adventures, every obstacle gave us the opportunity to grow and gain experience in this beautiful world of board games.
Now you can read Otto’s story of the genesis, but we will soon add anecdotes and stories about our creature, we are sure you will find them interesting and funny!

The Rules

The page dedicated to the rules contains introductory videos to understand the game and start your games immediately, there are also both manuals, downloadable in pdf format.

Reviews and articles

A new page, now in beta, which collects the main reviews of newspapers and bloggers, here you can read a short excerpt, and if interested you can visit the original site to consult the full article.


We have included our game on Tabletopia, one of the major board game portals, here you can try the game for free with your friends, in its 1v1 version, so you can see if it’s for you!

Old Website

The old site, originally designed to give support and concreteness to the kickstarter campaign, had 8 languages ​​available, this to make the kickstarter campaign as international as possible. The bare minimum, for a game popular across the galaxy!

From the links below you can access our WORLDS page, containing a planet for each language, and you can browse the whole old site!

US English

UK English