Board games for Christmas?
It is the perfect gift idea

How stressful it is to make Christmas gifts!

And besides stress, are we still sure we want to become ambassadors of the most unbridled consumerism every year?

Let’s face it: we live in a society (cit.) that leads us to work to spend on useless or superfluous things that sooner or later will be thrown away. And unfortunately this is the end of many Christmas gifts, which it seems we have almost been forced to buy.
In recent years the most aware people have not wanted to buy the usual classics (scarves, ties, pajamas with reindeers…), things that we already have or that we may not like (I know a guy who every year at Christmas gets a pashmina from his mother, he doesn’t ever wear them but doesn’t have the courage to tell her).

In short, the mood that wants to rebel against the ugly consumerist habits to which we have become accustomed is to give experiences, food or board games.

Why should board games be the perfect Christmas gift?

Well because they aggregate people and, in the post-covid period we are experiencing, the thing we care about most is being able to spend time with our loved ones and our friends, given that, with the pandemic, we realized that this time it is not obvious nor granted.
In addition, the board game can be given to the whole family (you know what a saving!) Thus avoiding giving many small nonsense little gifts to each of them, but above all giving the pretext to be able to spend evenings together, therefore live an experience and generate memories, funny memories.

Canvas, un gioco dal design unico

Can board games become junk themselves?

No, if you choose the right ones, those that have a long replayability and that do not follow the trends of the moment. And if you get bored, they can still be given to those who have never played with them.

So which board games to put under the tree?

There are so many classic titles to give away, games so classic that you are on the safe side.

Here are the 3 titles that we offer as a Christmas gift:

1) Puerto Rico

We bring it to you because it is an extremely addictive game that keeps all the players focused until the end of the game. A turn-based strategy in which there is no randomness to the advantage of strategic choices. It is a game that won the “International Gamers Award” in 2003 and the “Deutscher Spiele Prei” in 2002 … in short, it’s safe: a great classic to keep at home.


Canvas, un gioco dal design unico

2) Dixit

This game is suitable for all age groups and is therefore a game suitable for all families. A simple game that stimulates creativity: the goal is to describe the illustration of the chosen card with a sentence or with a single word. The other players will have to figure out which card the player describes by placing one of their cards side by side with a common element. If the description is cryptic, neither player will recognize the card and the narrator will score zero points. Even if the description is explicit: all players will recognize the card, the narrator will score 0 points. Se invece solo alcuni giocatori dovessero indovinare, sia loro che il narratore faranno punti.

A point in favor of the illustrations which are beautiful and enigmatic.

3) Disney Villainous

A more recent game suitable for lovers of the Disney world very suitable for the Christmas atmosphere. In this title, the anti-heroes are the real protagonists, a sort of revenge of the villains! It is a game that mixes strategy and risk well, a family game that amuses and excites, immersing the players in a setting known to all, capable of involving both beginners and newbies.
So a gift that is sure to please!

We cannot fail to offer you ours
OTTO Game Over as the perfect gift for Christmas

In addition to the 3 titles just presented, if you want to amaze with a real novelty in the world of board games that stands out for its originality, we recommend that you also consider our OTTO Game Over for 3 reasons:

1) It is a design object, beautiful to look at, with attention to the smallest details. OTTO is the perfect gift to amaze all lovers of art and aesthetics (if you want, the dashboard can be framed like a painting for how beautiful it is).

2) It is a game suitable for everyone, really, everyone. From children, aged 8 and up, to experienced and passionate adults in strategy games, to novices. OTTO is a game that can be enjoyed at different levels of complexity, as a party game to spend an evening together or perfect for a tournament between expert players.

3) OTTO is an innovative game in everything, in the gameplay, therefore in the very new and original idea of ​​the game, but also in its components which are all made withcertified and recyclable materials. In fact, we are talking about one of the few plastic-free board games, made exclusively with paper, cardboard, wood and fabric, all materials that, once the life cycle of the product is over, can be easily recycled. The gift that will appeal to little Greta Thumberg of the house or to her environmental friend. Moreover, it is a board game Made in Italy, which is always a plus.

Omnia, a board game with a pure design

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