OTTO Game Over

easy to learn,

a challenge to master it

A different board game that, with simple rules and some depth, entertains everyone from the first game.

From the neophyte to the expert, from the child to the passionate nerd.

OTTO Game Over


Being completely deprived of any setting, the game can be defined as ‘universal’, as it’s based on visual perception of symbolic geometries.

We mean it. Otto is a discovery not an invention.

The graphic language through which the game has been devised, is rooted in mathematical and geometrical principles that belong both to nature and the whole universe.

Just think, you could even play it with an extraterrestrial.

Who can play OTTO?

The rules are easily understood by everyone, and also written with some irony (it is still the rules of a game, not the Treccani encyclopedia 😝).

A few simple rules to start playing right away

The super-experienced player, on the other hand, will discover the deeper and even somewhat hidden mechanisms of OTTO. After a few games, he will be able to master the game and yes, even strategize.

Rule-book OTTO Game Over


  • one game to learn how to play;
  • 8 games to have fun while strategizing;
  • 80 games to become almost unbeatable.

A game outside the box

You should know that OTTO was created outside the typical canons of the board game industry.

This game was born almost by accident, during the lockdown of 2021, from the notes of our designer Franco Caniatti, aka Frank (if you want to know the whole story you can read it here) and then developed here in Arcastudio, a communication studio in Turin.

The game mechanics, the materials-above-average quality-and the entire graphic design have been taken care of in every detail with obsessive attention.
OTTO Game Over is a real design object as well as a board game.

You can tell as soon as you open the box.

We still wonder how it could happen that such a minimalist and essential game, without a myriad of miniatures, was funded on Kickstarter in only 8 hours.

We believe that the originality of the game won out over everything.

Over 2,000 games shipped to 52 countries around the world with Kickstarter

Learn about our 750% funded Kickstarter campaign ->

Watch the video presentation for Kickstarter

Read the opinions of experts in the field


Take note of this figure: 7.9228e28

A figure so high that it is unpronounceable: that is the number of different potential matches you can make with OTTO.

If you know how to read contact Frank, the author of EIGHT, right away so he will finally have a friend to talk math with 🙂

In fact, no one in the studio knew this number.

It is obtained from the possible combinations between all the tiles on the board: each game you will get a different pattern, a real abstract picture!

We do not like games that are “commercial products.”
We love games that last over time, that become classics, the ones you never get tired of playing.

An abstract game
with a little bit of RANDOMNESS

We have even coined a new term for it-you will find out in a moment.

Meanwhile, pay attention to what we are about to tell you:
if you want to have everything under control, from the beginning to the end of the game, know that

OTTO Game Over, it’s not for you 💔!

OTTO Game Over

OTTO is a strategy game with a certain amount of randomness.
We know well that randomness disturbs players who like pure abstract games, such as chess 😱.

The unpredictability and possible reversals down to the last move make OTTO dynamic and fun, without compromising game tactics.
Therefore, alea cannot be missed in OTTO.

But there is also another, deeper reason that we are about to reveal to you.

First, however,we want to ask you a question.

Do you think you have your whole life under control?

Inevitably, the answer is NO.

And that, believe us, is just the beauty of life.

Even if you think you have achieved absolute control, there will always be an unexpected event that, for better or worse, will change your plans.

For us, OTTO Game Over is a metaphor for existence.

Something unpredictable always happens to you in life, but-as in OTTO-you can always make choices.

In addition, you can rely on your talents, your insights, your skills, in short, your superpowers (the mythical secret cards of OTTO).

We like the twists and turns during the game because they keep attention and excitement high.

An “abstract-creative” with unique gameplay

After more than 300 games, we realized that the winning skill in this game is creativity. This is why we wanted to define OTTO as an “abstract-creative.”

The game balances between strategy, the vision of future opportunities, chance, and the player’s style.

It is true that you can have a fluke and win a game even if you are not a top; but you can rest assured that the final challenge will be won by the best, despite the randomness.

Those who have played it say.

Selected by the ADI Design Index

Design and attention to detail runs through Arcastudio’s veins, and OTTO Game Over is proof of that. Today, however, we can really say it out loud:

OTTO Game Over is a board game that has officially become part of Italian design history”.

OTTO Game Over ADI Design Index 2022
OTTO Game Over Adi Design

It was selected by ADI’s Permanent Observatory of Design, which has been selecting the best products designed in the tradition of Italian industrial design throughout the country for more than 60 years.

OTTO is environmentally conscious

🐳 99,9% plastic-free

♻️ certified and recyclable materials

🇮🇹 made in Italy

By purchasing OTTO you will have the security of having a totally recyclable product, made of quality and certified materials, under optimal working conditions.

An ethical and sustainable product

The price of OTTO

The first edition of OTTO Game Over can be considered a deluxe edition.

We made refined and elegant choices, always the highest quality. Someone said that with OTTO’s dashboard you could drive nails into the wall. 🤣

  • ;Le carte segrete sono spesse e durevoli, e sono contenute in un portacarte.
  • ;La torretta portatessere è una chicca in più.
  • ;I sacchetti sono serigrafati
  • ;Ci sono ben 2 regolamenti (uno sintetico e uno approfondito)

Frank’s nearly 40 years of experience in papermaking have made themselves felt: the moment you open the box of OTTO you realize that nothing has been left to chance.

The price of OTTO fully reflects the quality of the game, a game made to last.

However, in these 2 years we have realized that it is a price that may be a bit high for some people. This made OTTO be seen as a somewhat niche, high-end game.

We have given it a lot of thought.

Our mission is playful fun, is to make as many people as possible have fun with OTTO.

There’s news for you: the last copies of EIGHT Game Over will be on discount while supplies last…

We have been working on a new prototype that, without sacrificing quality (and keeping production in Italy), can be produced at a lower cost, ensuring a price in the mid-range market that is more affordable.

In order to start production, we need to empty our warehouse. So, on the occasion of Lucca Comics & Games, we decided to make a major discount!

OTTO Game Over, first deluxe edition, will be the same price as the cheaper second edition.

As you may have guessed, this is an opportunity that cannot be repeated once the last pieces are finished.

We look forward to having you with us,
a dear greeting,

Arcastudio’s Team